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Transforming Your Mindset for Success


Transforming Your Mindset for Success

You must cut yourself some slack. Mindset plays a key role in reaching your short-term business goals, and it is even more important to your long-term business goals. Our mind and knowledge work together to achieve our set goals. one without the other would be futile. 

Therefore, regardless of the strategies, resources, or tactics you implement, it is a no-win situation without the right mindset. Although there are different types of mindsets like positive, growth, and money mindsets, however the transformational mindset will be addressed and discussed . 

You will understand how being a perfect leader with the right mindset can help you build a competent team.

Having a team that doesn’t require constant supervision or micro managing would go a long way in making your business goals attainable.

Possessing transformational mindsets at work starts from YOU as a leader, you call the shots, you sign paperworks, and you lead by example.

When you possess a positive and transformational mindset , your employees have no choice but to follow suit because you are what you attract.To possess transformational skills, you must first understand the concept of transformation.

let’s delve into what transformation is about…

Transformation can be said to be the ability to change the nature, condition or function of; to change in nature, disposition, heart, character, and to convert.

For transformation to occur there must be a NEED to change something, perhaps your company’s strategy, core values, marketing techniques and organization culture.

There is a popular saying by a greek philosopher, Heraclitus “change is the only constant.” Once you are able to connect the dots, you will realise why it is vital for you to possess a transformational mindset.

That way, you won’t have any problems with keeping up with industry trends or even creating new ones. When the world evolves, you will evolve with it without hesitation because your mind is prepared to adapt to the change and growth that comes with a transformational mindset and your mind is ready to make the best out of every circumstance.

What it means to develop a Transformational Mindset for Success

Whether you have a team or not, this article would be useful for you. Why? Because I will be focusing more on your attitude than anyone! Your team is your support system and they look up to YOU. With the right team, all the motivation they need is to witness you possess the right mindset and what you do with it, that way you have nothing to worry about.

Some tips will be disclosed that will prompt positive actions from you , which your employees will surely notice and it’s quite vital that you pay attention and read carefully…

Your company’s success starts from YOU and Here are the five most important factors to having a transformational mindset:


The concept of purpose here means helping your employees understand their roles and how they can create aspirations within your company/industry. Basically, what this entails is that you ought to provide a vision for them.

Don’t just tell them what to do. You should also show them the growth opportunity for them in that role and what they can achieve with the tasks.

For example, you can say “if we can achieve these tasks, we would be the first team to do XYZ in the industry,” OR “as soon as you conclude this task, it means you’d have learnt more about XYZ in the industry.” It gives them a purpose which motivates them to want to accomplish the goal that you have set in place as a leader .


Dissemination of information is another integral part of creating successful ventures with your team. Ensure that you are clear on your instructions and make sure the flow of information isn’t interrupted. It is quite important and crucial to the team’s success that information reaches the necessary personnel, including downstream to team, and mega team members.

Note that information comprises instructions, which covers an extensive range of concepts. It could be giving them detailed instructions for delegated tasks or informing them beforehand what to do to impress a returning client in a meeting. If you withhold information, you don’t give your employees the opportunity to be efficient which will be unfair to the both of you.


Communicating is one thing but understanding is a different ballgame. This part significantly depends on your employee’s ability to digest information. However, you can as well assist with the process by reaffirming, using questions like “do you understand? is it clear? do you have any questions?” These questions should ensue after communication.

You should also have the right attitude after asking these questions. You mustn’t react negatively by complaining if they do ask questions to understand better. Understanding the task is what can make them get it right.


You must evaluate to know what you are doing right or wrong. That way, you are able to do more of what you are doing right, and correct your mistakes. It also includes evaluating your team members and letting them know their strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, you can tell them how they can improve if you know or you might as well make it an interactive session by asking how they think they can do better. This process promotes transformational mindset and helps them improve in necessary areas of their role.

Positive Reinforcement

There are so many ways to show your employees that you recognise their competence and milestones. Positive reinforcements entails monetary rewards, promotion, words of encouragement, acknowledgement, and more.

 A “good job! Well done,You did great! ” would go a long way in inspiring the employee.

By showing your appreciation of their wins (small or big), you motivate them to do better and want to achieve more. I’m certain that you complain when they are not doing a good job so it is imperative that you also compliment them when they are in fact doing excellent work.


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