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How To Explode and increase sales in 2021


How To Explode and increase sales in 2021

Knowledge is power but what you do with it is even more important. Some people use the information they receive to their advantage while others sit on their hands. 

In this article, I will equip you with resources (Read more) to increase your sales regardless of the challenges in 2021. 

A lot of businesses took a hit as a result of the pandemic since last year. It has become imperative to learn how you can sell your services virtually. Indeed it is possible to increase your sales through your devices and part of the procedures is called social selling. Let’s dive right into it!

Tips & Strategies to Scale your Business

Here are some tips and strategies to help you scale your sales for 2021:. 

Tip 1 :

Before you begin social selling, you must identify your goals. Clearly state your aspirations for 2021, you could write it down in a book or on your notepad in your devices. After you have gotten it out there, what you need to do next is to map your goals. Mapping your goals means seeing how they align. Having goals that are tied to each other one way or another makes it easier for you to achieve them.

For example, if your goal is to achieve a transformational mindset and you also want to attain 6 – 7 figures in your business. You can see that these two goals connect because having a transformational mindset is a top priority for attaining success. If you can successfully have this type of mindset, then you are well on your way to achieving your business income goals! There are different types of goals like revenue goals, team goals, client goals and more. See how you can align these goals so you don’t have to be all over the place.

Furthermore, if you don’t already have it, you have to polish or acquire time management skills. People always say time is money and there is absolutely no lie in that! What you do with your time translates to how much money you are making at the end of the week, month, or year. The activities you engage in matters too and I like to divide them into two categories; income generating activities and non-income generating activities. I’ll briefly explain them:

Income Generating Activities: these are the activities you indulge in that directly generates income for you like closing high ticket sales deals or conducting consultation calls.

Non-income Generating Activities: these are the activities that indirectly derive income for your business. Examples are content creating, creating landing pages, and funnels.

Tip 2 : 

The best version of your business is when you have a POWER TEAM you can empower to assist you while you are doing income generating activities. 

Personally, my concierges help me connect with my clients and leads in my absence, so I don’t lose touch with them. Teach them your methods, strategies, and how to be competent so you have no doubts relying on them.

Tip 3

Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do everything your competitors are doing. Knowing what your competitors are doing isn’t bad but when you try to imitate them, your contents become unoriginal. Trust me, no client wants to associate with such a business. Be unique, trust your abilities and strategies

Strategy 1

One successful strategy that you can do to EXPLODE your sales in 2021 is to make a list of prior, potential, recurring, and referred clients.

For Prior Clients:

Reconnect with previous clients, and update them on what’s new in your services. Introduce them to promos and discounts if you have any. Revive their interests Conduct surveys or sentiment analysis to know how satisfied they were about your services. Ask about their goals for 2021 and offer solutions to how your services can contribute to their growth.

For Potential & New Clients:

Get to know them and their services better. Keep the connection alive. Let them know how you intend to boost their sales (without revealing too much of your strategies in case they decide not to go with you.) Don’t overwhelm them or try to force your solutions on them. Additionally, communication is important. Inform your new clients about the progress you have made for their business.

For Recurring Clients:

Kudos to you for offering such exceptional service that your clients had to come back! Although this win might make you relax a little, you shouldn’t. In fact, you should buckle your seatbelt. Ask them for reviews and propose how you intend to improve your services to them. It would make them sure that they didn’t make the wrong decision coming back to you.

For Referred Clients:

Make sure that you prove everything the referrer said about your business right. The best thing you can do for a referred client is to exceed their expectations. Remember that before they contacted you, they already had an expectation of you according to what the referrer told them. So use that knowledge to your advantage by doing more than they expected. By wowing them, you will certainly turn them to a recurring client.

Strategy 2

Referrals are so important for your business growth which is why you should introduce referral schemes for your business in 2021. Referral programs facilitate business growth, and you can run them thus:

Via your Social Media Accounts

Firstly, you must know your financial capacity for your referral scheme. Don’t promise more than you can give and don’t offer what you can’t give. Make it simple. The reward could be monetary, ambassadorship, free products for a specific amount of time. There are several referral schemes that you can draw inspiration from.

When you have your reward down to a T, you need to map out the rules and how you want to state the offer. Some people are only after the visibility while others want to be referred to clients that would eventually sign the deal. If you only want exposure, then you can implement a scheme that involves tagging more people in the comment section of the post. If your goal is to get the referred clients to sign the deal, then you should clearly state it in your terms and conditions.

Subsequently, create the graphics, hashtags, caption et al, then post on your social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook (account, groups, and pages), Instagram and others.

Via your Email List

You should also have an email list where you can send all the rules and reward to everyone on the list. The more your audience, the more the chances of your program getting to the right ears.

10 . Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Good Company for Success

Written by Michelle Anene on Feb. 05th 2021

The people you keep around, such as friends, family, business, partners, or colleagues, can have the greatest impacts on your life.

It is crucial to surround yourself with good energy and positive vibes. Negativity is rather infectious, and it can be an obstacle to success. If you want to achieve your goals, then you must get rid of the negative people around you.

A wrong comment from your “friend” can ruin your confidence, and an attack on your self-esteem is bad for your organization and your business team.

Nothing takes you off track faster than surrounding yourself with negative people. It is better to know early enough that pleasing everyone is a myth. You can’t satisfy everybody, and trying to do that will only drain you. Sadly, doubters and people who always have something bad to say will always be there but you must ignore the naysayers .

 Surround yourself with like-minds and people who add value to your life. Disconnect from bad relationships and associate with the relevant players in your field, gain from them and maybe adopt some of their practices as you progress as a profit-making leader on your journey to success.

When you align yourself with people who are beneficial to your personal life and business goals, it transforms everything.

As a business support expert with big goals myself, I have attended seminars, virtual summits, conferences and several educational activities to improve myself. I seize the opportunity to learn, polish my skills, and network with many bright minds. Relating with entrepreneurs who are more advanced in their career than you translates nicely to your personal and career growth as well. Learning is a constant which is why it is essential to surround yourself with people you can learn good skills or traits from. It will in turn encourage you to do better. I will share with you some steps you can take today to surround yourself with good company:

Firstly, say goodbye to your negative peeps. If you know someone who is constantly in turmoil or serious drama; the ones who would never manage to elevate themselves, avoid such a vibe at all cost. Don’t feel bad cutting off such individuals . Life is difficult enough and dealing with extra baggage would only weigh you down. We don’t always win, and there will be obstacles and nay-sayers along our path to success. During these times, nothing feels better than hiring someone you can share your fears and doubts with like friends and mentors. Mentors that not only listen, but also cheer you on to be the best you can be. It gives you the energy you need to conquer in life, and they help you to propel forward. 

So find, and focus on relationships with those who can share their wings and positive vibes and help you realise that you can do the same. Life is too short for negativity so find people who are smarter than you, and be with people who support you. Many entrepreneurs and business people aspire to be the smartest people in the room on virtually every topic, but if you’re always the smartest person, you’re actually limiting yourself. The right circle of influence raises the bar, helping us to set new lofty expectations of ourselves. Oftentimes, we don’t know what we are capable of until we see others achieve. When we surround ourselves with positive successful people, it consciously, and also subconsciously challenges us to be our best selves. So cultivate real life relationships with people who have already accomplished your goals.

Secondly, it’s time to rethink how we use our social media and focus on our real life relationships. Today’s social media feeds can often remind us what we can’t do, haven’t done or don’t believe we can accomplish. Remember that you can only see the finished work (wins) of your social media friends. You don’t know what it took to achieve that fit unless they share it.

Seeing someone’s online highlight or reel doesn’t truly show you what goes on behind the scenes, and how much work it really requires. Spend time on the process of success, not just a result of being. Highly successful people are generally willing to share what it takes to make things happen. They have the ability to help you learn from the mistakes they made along the way, and the tricks/tips to help you reach your goals faster. So seek out leaders of your industry and get some real experience from them.

Thirdly, if you are an introvert who doesn’t like leaving your shell, that’s fine. Not everyone can attend summits and that’s fine too. I recommend that you choose a coach who has an active social media presence and consume their contents. Make them friends in your head. For example, if you want to promote your business, listen to daily podcasts of the speaker you resonate with, so bring him/her along on your daily drive work. Learn and apply some of their tips and knowledge. That way, you have surrounded yourself with a good company that will contribute to your success. I guarantee that you will see changes.

Finally, make sure that you are also a good vibe. Be teachable, be open and don’t hold back knowledge. As you are taking from someone’s wealth of experience, ensure that you give back within your field as well. If you found this article useful, kindly share with anyone you think it might benefit. Good luck!

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