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Mastering The Art Of High Ticket Sales That Converts

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Mastering The Art Of High Ticket Sales That Converts

What Are High Ticket Items ?

They are high value and high priced programs or services they they cost a bit of money and they offer buyers a high value and they sell.

Heard About Sales Funnels?

It is a series of steps that lead a potential customer or client to purchase decisions so similarly talking about high ticket sales funnels is actually defined as a selling system that leads your lead right or your customers step by step to buy a higher priced program or a service.

Why high ticket items are great for businesses

High ticket funnels are a proper marketing strategy that when you actually use, they can actually make you tons of money, Normally people who buy products or services at higher prices are typically more invested in them and more likely to actually have higher levels of success with those programs or services.

They aren’t for all types of businesses too but for instance if you’re not willing to charge more than a thousand dollars for a particular service, program or cause or if you’re not happy charging clients on an hourly rate for services, if you’re probably bogged down with demanding and you know having unappreciative clients 

then selling high ticket items is not for you.

On the other hand if you’re willing to actually charge clients of your service over a thousand dollars you want to make more profits per sale, you’re willing to actually spend less on overhead costs and you prefer to  sell expensive programs or services rather than more affordable ones then guys good news high tickets are perfect for you

and your business.

High tickets and services or programs are also the most profitable ones because they pay for themselves

Why People sell high ticket

They know that they need fewer sales to meet their financial goals there’s a lot of potential for you know skyrocketing your monthly and yearly revenue growth with high ticket items but the thing is generating high ticket leads can be quite tricky because  it requires different sales funnel tactics than your low ticket items, so high ticket selling is one of those rare skills that could make you a lot of money with no expenses and no overhead, it doesn’t mean that you’re actually going to you know turn into one of those annoying sales or telemarketers that call core people, absolutely not,  you don’t have to do a lot of prospecting either but if you’re not a talkative and you don’t like helping people then maybe this could probably scare you away and what you’ll be

doing is actually starting a conversation with prospects who have already gone through a series of steps they’re already familiar with your business or products you know after watching your live launch or they’ve gone through a marketing funnel

filled out an application form and they would be time to speak to you a high ticket closer your role is to actually get on the phone with the prospect and then close the sale, that’s the high ticket closing business model, there’s no cold calling involved there’s no marketing, there’s no building websites.

This is a new way and a better way it’s a process the top one percent of coaches consultants actually use to enroll their ideal clients at three thousand and dollars to 85k and above dollars in just one phone call and have your clients say thank you thank you for the conversation

Five Simple Outlines For Every Sales

Also, make sure to train your team soundly, do not hesitate to invest in them, their learning will help reduce your work and allow you to scale your business effectively.

It’s about service and not serve us: The mistake most people make is ,you find that it’s all about them and the sale and not what’s best for the prospects so the problem your prospect can’t feel that it oozes out from everything you do and say but the moment that you genuinely commit to being of service and only doing you’re saying that which is actually in the best interest of a perspective everything literally changes sometimes, you tell them your offer isn’t for them other times you need to actually apply a little pressure because it actually is for them and you need to help them get outside your comfort zone. You need to shift from being a simple sales person to become a trusted advisor, one that will actually tell them the truth whether it helps them or it hurts

2. Set the agenda and be a leader: if your prospect is on a call with you then you know there’s something that you’re actually looking for right maybe it’s a problem they need help with help solving that’s a goal they want to reach or maybe just some guidance that they think you might be able to provide them with, well one of the worst mistakes that you can make in not setting the agenda or controlling the call right from the start because that shows the lack of leadership it shows a lack of confidence and doesn’t actually serve the person on the other end.

So what you want to do instead is open with something like this first of all you want to make some sort of slight small talk one to two minutes where you’re probably chatting with them find out more about maybe like talk about the weather or you know where they’re calling from just to get to know them on a very light level the small chat and then you want to let them know the purpose of the call is to help you understand 

where they’re at and see if what you offer is often a good fit for them.

So you also be asking some questions to then help get some clarity probably maybe around their business on it or themselves whichever and if it then sounds like we’re good fit you’re happy to answer every question they have about your offer and then tell them all about it, then you can then lead into your first question.

Do you see how you literally taking control of a call, setting the agenda and that and providing some direction as to how everything’s going to flow, this shows your perspective you know what you’re doing and that you’re confident so when it comes to high ticket sales your prospects are really buying your certainty that you can help them get from where they are to wherever it is that they want to be.

3. Follow a script: This step is pretty much straightforward, even if you think you’re great on the phone you still want to follow some sort of script or an outline or a guide. Does it need to be followed word for word?

absolutely not now should you allow that to derail you from whatever piece of information your prospect just shared with you.

The purpose of the script is to ensure that you cover the main points you ask purposeful well for our questions and elicit specific responses back.

4. Bridge to the highest desire: as you follow your script, you undoubtedly uncover why they are on this call with you in the first place. The key is to actually find the why behind why they are there you want to always go as deep as you can and find the real reason they want to create the results.

After uncovering this motivation, create urgency for them and actually help steer them out of their current comfort zone and if you truly believe that your your service will help them get there, then you owe it to them and yourself to push as much as possible

5. Close with confidence: if you have been following along and you’ve done your best to follow the previous four steps, closing is not just a matter of sharing the details of your offer and inviting your prospects to act now.

If it’s the right thing for them, is it in their best interest to be part of bits, if it is most of the time there will be some not genuinely required by you as the advisor not force but just some you know protein as to what will change if they don’t act like take action today that’s something you might want to do as well .

If you truly believe you your program or your service can help it’s your duty to do whatever you can to help them get that but on the flip side. if during your call you’ve established that your offer is not a good fit for them or a good fit for them right now, my advice to you is to let them know instead of trying to force them through because many times this level of transparency will create unintended benefits maybe they they force themselves through and inform you they want to join maybe they come back months later or maybe they go and shape just how professionally you dealt with them with others but you want to do what’s best for that prospect


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